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Organic Maca Powder

Growing in the harsh central highlands of Peru, Peruvian folklores tell of Maca being used by warriors to promote strength and endurance. Studies* suggest Maca may improve energy, brain and hormone function, blood pressure and helps to combat depression. With adaptogenic qualities, as well as being packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, Maca has to be...

...our positive energiser bunny.

250g / approx. 250 serves / $0.30 per serve


  • Adaptogen; helping the body adapt to stress, allowing for an increased tolerance to mental exhaustion, enhancing attention and mental endurance.
    Nutraceutical; nutrient dense functional food.
    Maca is one of our favourite Superfoods, another staple food source for the ancient Aztec and Incan civilisations, growing in the harsh climate of the Peruvian Andes 4,000m above sea level where very little else survives.

    Offering with around 10g protein, 77g carbohydrates and less than 1g fat per 100g, Maca perfect as an everyday supplement. The health benefits of Maca have been extensively researched across the 55 phyto-chemicals including Vitamins B1, B2, C, calcium and potassium, as well as a large number of anti-oxidants and amino acids. Research suggests that Maca may positively support energy levels, endurance, osteoporosis, PMS and menopausal symptoms, memory and learning, protect the skin against UV rays and aid sexual function, with the added bonus of positively impacting the endocrine (hormone) system due to the alkaloids it contains balancing and optimising hormone response. All of these findings lead to Maca being classified as an: Adaptogen and a Nutraceutical.

    Recent studies have also suggested that when Maca is consumed with Cacao it may inhibit the bodies ability to absorb the active compound Anandamide — which is responsible for the bliss like effect of Cacao — all other healthful effects were still reported effective, but with that in mind, although both of these products suggest anti-depressant properties, it may not be the best decision to consume them at the same time if you're looking for that blissful feeling.

    The Grove Maca is Fair Trade, Organic and sustainably grown before it is processed into the whole powder we provide you here, nothing is missing, nothing has been removed — you get the very best it has to offer, with all the health benefits.

    More research can be found under the Science tab.

    Functions / systems within the body this product helps to balance

    Feelings we notice by supporting the 'functions'


    Nutritional Panel

    Serving Size: 5g per Serve (1/2tsp)
    Ingredients: Organic Maca (Lepidium meyenii / Peruvian ginseng) Root Powder

    Per Serve (1g) Per 100g
    Energy (kJ) 74.99kJ 1499.88kJ 
    Calories (kcal) 17.64kcal 352.91kcal
    Protien 0.50g 10.01g
    Total Carbohydrates 3.90g 77.90g
    - Sugars 1.72g 34.40g
    - Fibre 1.11g 22.16g
    Total Fat <1.00g <1.00g
    - Saturated <1.00g <1.00g
    Sodium 0.00mg 0.00mg

    Active Ingredients

    Macardine, macamides (N-(3-methoxybenzyl)-(9Z,12Z,15Z)-octadecatrienamide, N-benzyl-(9Z,12Z,15Z)-octadecatrienamide, and N-benzyl-(9Z,12Z)), octadecadienamide, amino acids, phenolic compounds, polysaccharides, p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate (methanol extract), and, various alkamides.
    Rich in Vitamins and minerals: calcium, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin c, potassium, with trace elements of: iron, iodine, copper, selenium, manganese and zinc.
    Most abundant free fatty acids in Maca include: linoleic acid, palmitic acid and oleic acids.


    None that we are aware of. If you have concerns we recommend consulting your health care practitioner.
  • As with many things internet based, a lot of information is copied and pasted, has a dash of creative license, a sprinkling of Chinese whispers and boom you have a new superfood or a superherb. When we select our products we look for the most effective and the very best quality. So we research, then research some more, and provide all of that research here, so that you can make up your own mind.


    Studies have found that an ethanol extract of Maca may help inhibit the ability for the Flu A and Flu B virus to change the makeup of your cells. Meaning that you could potentially prevent becoming sick from these viruses. Quite phenomenal. (1)


Maca has ben shown to contain the following anti-oxidants: Polysaccharides (group of anti-oxidants), Polyphenols, Flavonols, Isothiocyanates (found in cruciferous vegetables, Maca is a member of the Brassicaceae / Cruciferae family).
    When quantities of these compounds were tested individually, they were not shown to be available in significant enough quantities to be potent anti-oxidants. Although when Maca was tested for its anti-oxidant activity as a whole, the results were quite different, with research suggesting Maca may potentially have the ability to help manage intracellular ATP production during stressful periods, aiding in the balance between oxidants and anti-oxidants, meaning Maca has the ability to scavenge free radicals, and protect cells against oxidative stress. (3, 4, 5)


Studies suggest that after just 14 days Maca may improve sex drive / desire in both male and female sportspeople (as well as physical performance).
    Male Studies have suggested that black Maca may aid in increasing sex drive in men, as well as sperm production, semen volume and sperm speed. Red Maca may aid in preventing and/or reducing the size of the prostate that has prostate hyperplasia. The polyphenols in Maca could be the active compound responsible for this reduction.
    When combined with Camu Camu, Maca (Lipdium meyenii) has been shown to increase the ability of the male testes to produce and release sperm. Which means that it may be a useful natural tool to aid male fertility if administered at the right time.
    Female It has been suggested that water extracts of yellow Maca may aid in the fertility of females.
    Some scientific reports concede that there is insufficient evidence to support Maca’s ability to aid libido or be an aphrodisiac. In any case, the more studies the better we say. So we will keep on the look out for more recent studies as they come out and update our information for you. (11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18)


The high amounts of Potassium in Maca contribute to aiding in a reduction in blood pressure. (6)

    HORMONE (Menopause / Anti-depressant)

Studies have shown that an ethanol extract of Maca may potentially aid the ability to regulate the endocrine system hormones, but was able to specifically balance the follicle-stimulating hormone—which produces eggs and sperm — suggesting that Post Menopausal women could potentially use Maca to help balance their hormones naturally. Studies also suggest that Maca may aid as an anti-depressant for post menopausal women. (6, 7)
    Noradrenaline is released by the central nervous system (CNS) and is — in simple terms — responsible for our “fight or flight” response to situations. Through activating the noradrenergic and dopaminergic systems, the results suggested that Maca extract may have anti-depressant like effects.


Studies indicate further potential applications in brain health — including superb potential for use in improving brain power, reducing the symptoms of depression and promoting wakefulness throughout the day, suggesting that an extract of Maca increased noradrenaline (hormone / neurotransmitter) and dopamine (neurotransmitter) levels. The neurotransmitter dopamine is responsible for a number of functions in the human body. Some are:
    • sleep,
    • movement,
    • pleasurable reward,
    • behaviour,
    • cognition / attention / mood / memory / learning, and
    • inhibition of prolactin production.
    Studies also suggest that black Maca may have the ability to improve learning and memory. And after 14 days it may improve physical performance in sportspeople. (8, 9, 10, 14)


Studies suggest that Maca may improve bone density, pain, stiffness and function of a patient with osteoporosis, it is said to do this by balancing hormone response in both men and women. Further studies are required to provide more data, but the current findings are promising. (19, 20)


Studies have suggested that water extracts of Maca, can help prevent the effects of UVR on the skin, and so protect the skin and aid anti-ageing.
    There are 3 different types of UVR, which increase in strength as altitude increases (UV-A and UV-B (which reach earth), and UV-C (blocked by the ozone layer)).
    It has been mused that some plants and animals that live in higher radioactive areas, have modified their genetics to cope with the higher levels of radiation—Maca is one of those because it thrives only at high altitudes (4000ft above sea level)—and so it has also been suggested that due to this it may have the same effect when consumed. (19, 20)


    The Maca root is organically and sustainably grown, harvested, selected and cleaned by hand. They are then washed and organically disinfected at a humidity of between 18-20% before being sent for processing.


    The roots are sorted further, sliced, flash machine dried at 45°C until it reaches 5% humidity, then it's crushed into powder, sifted and bulk packaged ready to send to The Grove HQ.


    The product is then put on a ship and sails to Australia and arrives at The Grove HQ approximately 12 weeks later.


    Once it arrives at The Grove HQ we carry out quality control (QC) checks and repackage it ready for you.


    The Life of Maca

    Maca in the common name for Lipidium meyenii, and is part of the mustard (brassica) family, with its closest relatives being; turnip, cabbage, garden cress, water cress, mustard and black mustard.
    It is a very hardy perennial plant cultivated and originating high in the Andean Mountains at altitudes from 11,000-14,500ft (3,800 to 4,400m) above sea level, where nothing else is able to survive with one of the highest tolerances for frost among Peruvian native cultivated species. Maca’s leaves grow close to the ground and produce self-fertile small of-white flowers, typical to the mustard family, with the tuber part which is consumed growing below ground similar size and shape to a turnip.

    After sowing, the seedlings start to sprout after a month when the rainy season starts, and then 260-280 days later they are ready for harvest. If the root is left dormant for a further 3 - 5 months it will produce seeds. Every several years the grow sites are rotated to allow the soil to rebuild naturally.

    The Grove’s Maca is sourced from its place of origin in the Junin Plateau of the Peruvian Andes, an environment that is stark yet beautiful, Maca thrives here where the days are filled with intense sunlight exposed to higher levels of UVR, evenings of harsh winds and the nights are freezing. A combination making these little roots strong and hardy. It is cultivated by farmers who are registered with the World Fair Trade Organization and certified Organic with the USDA and EU by the Control Union. Through this they receive technical, social and financial assistance to ensure that they are able to continue to provide a consistent, quality product.
  • traditional uses

    Human Fertility
    Animal Fertility
    Main Food Source


    Maca is found in the high altitudes of the Andes in Peru where very little else survives. Used for centuries by civilisations predating the incas, the Incas and the Peruvian natives, even before the incas 2000 years ago, with primitive cultivars of Maca have been found in archaeological sites dating as far back as 1600 B.C. This was a staple food for natives of Peru to sustain life, and was also used medicinally for the fertility of humans and animals, where the natives were living and cultivating Maca at high altitudes due to its significant nutritional profile. It is very valuable to the Peruvian natives that live at high altitudes as nothing else grows in these region, using Maca to trade with other natives living at lower altitudes for things like rice, beans and corn.

    It is said that after Peru was colonised by the Spanish, the Spaniards began living at higher altitudes where their livestock were less fertile, the natives suggested feeding their animals Maca with the Spanish reporting remarkable results. And so the Spanish began to receive payments in Maca. Around 200 years ago, one area was reported to have paid around 9 tonnes. In 1549 the Spanish are said to have requested Maca from the Peruvian natives to pay their taxes.
    1553 it was reference that Maca could be found in Chinchaycocha (present day: Junin) (Plateau of Bombón) farmed by the people and eaten as a staple, identified as a root. But the first time is was described for it health properties was not until around 1653 by Father Cobo, where he mentioned that the area in which Maca grew was the harshest areas of the Peruvian Andean ranges where nothing else could grow, and that Maca could also be used for fertility.
    It was then referred to again in the 1700 for its fertility enhancing effects by Hipólito Ruiz, he also mentioned that it could have stimulant-like effects on mood and energy.
    In 1843, it was named Lepidium meyenii by a westerner called Gerhard Walpers (hence the name can sometimes be referred to as Lepidium meyenii Walp).
    Traditionally it is said that the Maca root is naturally dried after being harvested and then stored for years (some say upto 7years). Once dried the root is hard as stone, so to soften them they would then be boiled in water and consumed as juice or boiled in milk to make a porridge. They ca also be made into Maca Chicha (a fermented drink), Maca Jam or Maca Pudding. If eaten when first harvested they are roasted similar to sweet potato.

    It has been used for fertility in humans and animals as well as a staple base food source for those living at high altitudes. It was also traded with villages at lower altitudes.

    Maca is the common name for scientific name Lepidium meyenii, also known as Peruvian ginseng as it has similar actions to American and Korean Ginseng. It is a root vegetable resembling a turnip, found at high altitudes in the Andes of Peru. It was originally grown as medicine, food and to trade with villages of lower altitudes.
  • Getting in the Kitchen

    Maca has a rich earthy, maple, butterscotch flavour and is a very versatile product, it can be used—amongst other things—in pancakes, smoothies, icecream, baked goods, coffee and raw made treats. You can also make it into a tea, much like other Ginsengs.

    Recipes in the Blog

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    Add to any Pancake Recipe


    We have packaged your product in cost effective black bags, which protect the products from damaging UV rays which degrade your product. We have also inserted a silica-based desiccant pack to absorb any unwanted moisture and keep your products safer and help them last longer.
    To ensure your product status fresh we recommend storing it in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight, this will also ensure that it is not exposed to additional heat and moisture.


    None that we are aware of. If you have concerns we recommend consulting your health care practitioner.


PERUVIAN Tradition

At The Grove we are committed to ensuring that the products that we source are done so while respecting the; environment, people and traditional cultures that have flourished there for 1000's of years. We work closely with our suppliers to support the farmers, their families, the communities and the natural environment that they live in, ensuring the sustainability, economy, traditions and quality of the entire process from seed to table. By ensuring that our products are sourced in this way, ensures consistent premium flavour and nutrient content.

"I drink cocoa: with it I am glad, my heart takes pleasure, my heart is happy" — aztec poem excerpt

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    Matthew N.
    Australia Australia
    Perfect Pure Maca

    Mild tasting and mixes well with my morning greens. Very happy with this one.

    THE GROVE Organic Maca Powder Review
    Jessica R.
    One of my favourite natural supplements

    I've been taking maca for around a year now and i dont think i'll ever stop, it has such amazing effects on your energy levels and mood. I have used various brands of maca before grove but theres is the BEST quality, its so fluffy and delicious i add it to my smoothies and it makes it so creamy almost like a protein powder. incredile value in my opinion. just ordered lots more!

    James P.
    Best maca

    This product is incredible. I have been using it for around a month and the benefits are noticable, im more energised and can focus on my studies better. And its the best tasting ive found. Thanks,

    Best Maca i have found

    I love ordering from the Grove, the products are always great quality.

    Jay B.
    Will be back

    Gorgeous packaging! The hand written note was a beautiful touch. Will be back! X

    TAMMY W.
    5 STAR service.

    They go out of their way to get your product to you when you need it and answer any questions. Awesome Brand and service.

    Great item, great postage

    The most consistent service I have found in an internet seller. great company.

    Martin d.
    I am really enjoying everything we've bought.

    I use the chocelix protect paired with the ashwagandha powder for hot chocolates, cordyceps with my coffee to give me an extra kick. I also use maca and spirulina powders for smoothies. Really like the branding and everything that the Grove is about.

    Great company and service!

    Received quickly, beautiful products amazing attention to detail with packaging.