Ayurveda. The Time Is Now.

March 06, 2020 0 Comments

Our Beautiful friend Phillipa from Ayurveda Joy, explains how during the current state of flux that we are experiencing globally can be supported by Ayurvedic practice, and provides some awesome tips to support you now and into the future!

If ever there was a time to be taking great care in our physical and mental wellbeing and caring for those around us, the time is now. I am ever so grateful to have been studying the wisdom of Ayurveda for many years to call upon this knowledge even more deeply for our present circumstances. It gives me an ability to still feel "in control" in a world that feels a little "out of our control" at this time. I hope to be of service for you all in sharing this knowledge with you.

Every day has delivered us a new message, a change in the goal posts, as it were. Life is in a perpetual state of flux and so we must observe, listen and align with our environment each and every day to bring nourishment to our physical, mental and emotional bodies. This is a key principle of the ancient wisdom that is Ayurveda. What do we need in each moment to remain in balance?

It is important now, as hard as it may be, to remain focused on the positive in our lives and what big lessons we can learn as mankind to move forward in a more simpler, supportive, mindful and healthy world. It is prudent now for a reset in our individual lives and consider how we live them and a great opportunity for resetting how we do things, collectively. There really can be some wonderful positives to come out of this intense period. As Deepak Chopra said in a guided meditation that I listened to the other night: "We have only two choices: fear or hope". I know which path I wish to take for comfort. Will you joy(n) me?
Article by Phillipa from Ayurveda Joy in Northcote, Melbourne, Australia.
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This past week has seen my partners' business, a cafe, close its' doors indefinitely, impacting the lives of many who worked for him and his many loyal, regular customers; my business, predominantly offering physical, therapeutic treatments, has become an unavailable offering; the doctors I work for, too feeling the same pressure with patient numbers diminishing; my partners' father, 76, has made it back by the skin of his teeth as borders close from where he lives most of the year in Thailand, and we are food dropping on his doorstep for his self-isolation period; my sister is one of the key Head Clinical Nurses who manages Infection Control at the Royal Childrens' Hospital here in Melbourne so you can imagine the level of work before her, (I will ensure she is fed well as she won't have the time or energy to cook); my casual job 2 days/wk in a food retail outlet has left us all exhausted and overwhelmed (we sell lentils, beans, flour and rice....or did, until we ran out...you get the picture...) and continually rethinking ways we can operate to ensure the safety of ourselves and our customers. I am grateful I have this as my "side hussle", to ensure some money is coming in to our household while I rethink how to bring Ayurveda Joy to you all in the online space. More on this later.

Below are the few areas to pay close attention to and sing out to the community for support if you need it, we are all in this together.


Below are some key factors to consider for your health in the weeks and months to come. Your immune and digestive systems are your best physical defense against contracting any pathogen. As we enter autumn in the southern hemisphere and spring in the north, we are not only met with the challenge of seasonal allergies, colds and flu but also the "new kid on the block." To keep in top physical condition:

  • Eat plenty of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables - purchase locally grown where you can, or even better, cultivate a small garden or a few pots of herbs at home.
  • Go easy on the meat - removing entirely, for the short term at least, will lighten your load. Being heavy to digest and tamasic (dense) in nature, it can not only put strain on your digestive system, but add weight to an already overloaded mind.
  • Drink only warm water, regularly, to help flush the body of toxins - ditch the cold drinks and digestive dampening cold smoothies. I like to add a few slices of fresh ginger.
  • Prepare warm, fresh (where possible) and cooked meals with spices such as turmeric, black pepper, cumin, coriander, ajwain, ginger, garlic, fenugreek and cinnamon, star anise and bay leaf move daily and spend time in natural light, preferably with skin exposed to gain vital vitamin D to maintain hormonal balance and energy.
  • Rise early and go to bed early. Ideally sleep between 10pm-6am for best restorative sleep cycle.

These principles are nothing new to Ayurveda, and as a preventative health science, Ayurveda has always spoken about the importance of following these guidelines to remain strong and healthy, even in the face of external stressors and pathogens.

Tonic Herbal Support

In terms of herbal support to keep your immune system and respiratory health in optimum condition I recommend taking Tulsi and Amla (also known as Amalaki).

Organic Amla  is a small sour fruit dried and blended to a powder and has one of the highest levels of natural vitamin C of any known fruit or vegetable. (Kakadu plum is also extremely high in vitamin C and considered a close cousin. And Camu Camu is the Peruvian counterpart). Vitamin C is paramount for keeping your immune system fighting the good fight.

Organic Tulsi  also known as holy basil is another wonder herb that not only supports your respiratory system but also nourishes your nervous system and aids in stress reduction by caring for the adrenals.

Both of these herbs are classified as a premium Rasayanas (Adaptogens), helping the body adapt to environmental, physical and emotional stressors, support normal functions and restore balance.

At this time, I would recommend a dose of 1.5g (approx 1 teaspoon) twice daily. Mix the powder thoroughly in a cup with 1/2 teaspoon raw honey until well-coated and all dry powder is mixed in and lick off the spoon. Follow by pouring warm (not hot) water into the cup to lift the remaining herbal mix, stir and drink.

You can get Amla and Tulsi here at The Grove who also has some other pretty fab Organic super foods like Medicinal Mushrooms, Spirulina and Astragalus to name a few.

NOTE Each individual has different needs based on their constitution and current imbalances so do reach out for a consultation so that I could prepare a formulation best suited for you and get it to you via post.

Stress / Mental Health

Stress. We're all feeling it. My story of being directly financially and emotionally affected at this time is not an uncommon one and I am not sharing the above with you to seek sympathy. Somehow it makes me feel a little better, knowing we are all in this together. I am grateful to have a wonderful network of family, friends and peers to support me through this. I am grateful to have the wisdom of Ayurveda so I can support myself, family and you all in your time of need.

Mental health strategies at this time are so paramount in keeping not only our minds level-headed and responsive but our immune systems fortified. I know personally, I have extended my daily meditation minutes, performing more self-abhyanga and taking more baths which is one of my favourite things in the world to do and incorporating more Ayurvedic regimes and herbs into my daily routine.

Support for mental and emotional health can include but is not limited to:

  • Meditation.
  • Yoga.
  • Pranayama.
  • Movement.
  • Self-abhyanga.
  • Community connection - stay in touch with others and ask for help when you need it. People really do love to help where they can. It makes them feel useful and connected too.
  • Limit the news - as much as we need to stay up to date with the current global issue don't saturate yourself in it. Avoid looking at news as soon as you wake up or before going to bed. Give yourself some sacred time in the morning and evening.
  • Develop some creative projects you have been meaning to do now you have more time to be at home.

If you have been wanting to incorporate meditation into your daily life and unsure how, there is a free online introduction webinar from the wonderful Natasha Mason of Nourish Melbourne on Monday, April 6th at 8pm. Nourish Melbourne is an invaluable resource I have been a proud business partner of for some years, offering those in the community, access to incredible conscious healthy businesses. We hope to still be able to get together in late May for her Bathed in Being retreat, where I will be offering Ayurvedic services.

One of my favourite humans of all time in the wellness space (and plain favourite humans of all time actually...) is Namo Dev, a homeopath, psychologist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner. I recently invited her to join me at my last retreat to share her wellspring of knowledge with my participants. As her in person yoga classes are no longer possible, we all have an amazing opportunity to tap in to her guidance in the online space, no matter where you abide. Head over to her Conscious Living Events page to see what is on offer in the next month. I sure am excited about her next Japa meditation on 17th April. Let's raise the vibration of the planet together with a positive sound current.

NOTE  Remember that anonymous support is also available to you and your loved ones via some extraordinary organisations such as
Beyond Blue on 1300 22 46 36 or Lifelineon 13 11 14.

I have been thinking long and hard about how to support you all in the online space other than holistic health consults and what that would look like moving forward. As a chef and Ayurvedic health consultant, I know food. I know how to use food as our medicine and I am a damn fine cook with years of international, commercial experience! I appreciate this is not a skill all of you have. I will be uploading some tutorials in the coming weeks on how to get the best nutrition from your meal times so do watch out for that. If you have other ideas that you would like to see me offer, I would love your input.

If you find yourself self-isolating due to recent travel, illness or simply feeling overwhelmed by the idea of cooking and require some nourishing meals delivered to you, please reach out. For now, if you reside on the north side of Melbourne, I can assist by delivering Ayurvedic, vegetarian meals to your doorstep. What that looks like in terms of 1 meal, 2 meals or 3 meals a day, I would rather discuss with you direct on a case by case basis. As Ayurveda states - we are all unique and all have unique needs. Simply contact me via my website.

I will also be updating my shop over the coming days with more goodies I can send directly to you. I have recently received a shipment of cotton yoga mats from India that I adore. I have been practicing on one for years and would never go back to a "regular" mat. Now we are all required to take our classes at home, what better time to invest in a lovely new, natural mat? They work wonderfully on carpet or a rug, if you are practicing on a tiled or wooden floor a small anti-slip mat or an old yoga mat underneath is recommended.

And finally, my online program "Three Weeks to Healthier Habits" will be on rotation again beginning Monday, 30th March. You will receive a daily email or video with advice on diet, lifestyle and healthy Ayurvedic regimes to incorporate in your day to improve your holistic health.

Thanks for sticking with me this far! We are all in this together! With you in loyal service and joyous health, much love, take care, stay safe, stay home and be kind to each other.
Phillipa Joy x

"Let Food be your first Medicine and Kitchen be your first Pharmacy."

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