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Organic Mesquite Powder

Mesquite powder, also know as Algarrobo, is native to Peru, Ecuador and Columbia and for centuries was a staple food for ancient South American desert dwellers. Boasting 10g protein per 100g, studies* suggest it can also help balance blood sugar levels.

This powder sure packs a punch.

250g / approx. 25 serves / $0.55 per serve


  • Mesquite is similar to Lucuma in that it is not a very well known food source and doesn't have an extraordinary 'active ingredient' profile that benefits the support of homeostasis, so it's not really a super-food as such, however, it's still an awesome product in its own right with quite a balanced a macro nutrient profile. 100g of Mesquite has approximately 10g protein, 80g carbohydrates and less than 1g fat, couple that with the high levels of the phenolic and flavonoid (anti-oxidants), and you can see why it has been used for 1000's of years as a staple food by many cultures.

    The Grove Mesquite is Fair Trade, Organic and sustainably grown before it is processed into the whole powder we provide you here, nothing is missing, nothing has been removed — you get the very best it has to offer, with all the health benefits.

    More research can be found under the Science tab.

    Functions / systems
    within the body this product helps to balance


    Feelings we notice
    by supporting the 'functions'


    Nutritional Panel

    Serving Size: 10g per Serve (1tsp)
    Ingredients: Organic Mesquite (Prosopis pallida / Algarrobo) Bean Powder

    Per Serve (1g) Per 100g
    Energy (kJ) 157.35kJ 1573.48kJ 
    Calories (kcal) 37.02kcal 370.23kcal
    Protien 1.16g 11.60g
    Total Carbohydrates 8.03g 80.28g
    - Sugars 4.31g 43.14g
    - Fibre 2.92g 29.16g
    Total Fat <1.00g <1.00g
    - Saturated <1.00g <1.00g
    Sodium 9.17mg 97.00mg

    Active Ingredients

    linoleic acid, phenolics, flavonoids, carbohydrates, and protein.


    None that we are aware of. If you have concerns we recommend consulting your health care practitioner.
  • As with many things internet based, a lot of information is copied and pasted, has a dash of creative license, a sprinkling of Chinese whispers and boom you have a new superfood or a superherb. When we select our products we look for the most effective and the very best quality. So we research, then research some more, and provide all of that research here, so that you can make up your own mind.


Anti-oxidants play an important role when preventing the body from oxidising and thus put under more stress. Algarroba contains Phenolic and Flavonoid anti-oxidant compounds, these were tested for their activity in Algarrobo Syrup—used in traditional preparations—showing that the active ingredient in the Algarrobo syrup were the flavonoids, flavonoids have been shown to have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory capacities among other health benefits.(2, 3, 4, 5, 6)


    Type 2 Diabetes is generally caused by lifestyle choices, and in some cases are prescribed "Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors" which prevent the uptake of carbohydrates into the blood aiding in the balancing of blood sugar levels. Studies suggest that Mesquite may have the same effect as prescribed "Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors". Potentially making it helpful for Type 2 Diabetics as a food based alternative. (1)


    The body has a gene called the "angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE)", which is part of a bigger system that is responsible for regulating blood pressure, fluids and salts in the body. If an individual has more ACE production than required their blood pressure can get too high. In this case ACE inhibitors are prescribed that widen the blood vessels and lower blood pressure. Studies have shown that the anti-oxidants in Mesquite when Mesquite is water extracted may potentially inhibit the effects of "angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE) gene", potentially making it a natural alternative for people with high blood pressure. (2, 3, 4, 5, 6)


    The Maca root is organically and sustainably grown, harvested, selected and cleaned by hand. They are then washed and organically disinfected at a humidity of between 18-20% before being sent for processing.


    The roots are sorted further, sliced, flash machine dried at 45°C until it reaches 5% humidity, then it's crushed into powder, sifted and bulk packaged ready to send to The Grove HQ.


    The product is then put on a ship and sails to Australia and arrives at The Grove HQ approximately 12 weeks later.


    Once it arrives at The Grove HQ we carry out quality control (QC) checks and repackage it ready for you.


    The Life of Mesquite

    Mesquite is the parent name for around 44 species of the tree, The Grove Mesquite is Prosopis Pallida, which is also known as Algarroba, Kaiwe, Huarango, Bayahonda and American Carob.
    Prosopis Pallida is a member of the Legume family and is native to the drier areas of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. It is a moderately sized tree with very sharp spines that can puncture feet (and even tyres), yellow/green flowers and looooong pods that contain the small brown seeds that are the parts used for food. It generally grows where other plants don't/can't grow (sandy, dry, salty soils, cliffs etc), growing well in frost free areas with seasonal rain and occasional dryness, but don't do well in humid and waterlogged areas. The taproot can penetrate the hardest of soils. Ironically, it is these very traits that have made Prosopis species so valuable in efforts to control soil erosion due to desertification. They can grow quickly and live for 1000's of years.

    Some believe Mesquite tree to be important to the eco systems of Peru's andean western desert region due to it being so efficient at taking moisture from the soil (due to its long taproot), and also countering erosion. Seedlings need sufficient sunlight and water to survive and do not like to be in the shade. In the first year they can grow to be around 1m, once the tree has matured it will not grow at such a fast rate. Depending on its location, the trees can grow to up to around 10m tall or in dry windy environments they can be wind swept into twisted sculpted bush shapes.

    The Grove Organic Mesquite, is cultivated by farmers who are registered with the World Fair Trade Organisation and certified Organic with the USDA and EU by the Control Union. Through this they receive technical, social and financial assistance to ensure that they are able to continue to provide a consistent, quality product.
  • traditional uses

    Honey / Syrup
    Natural Sweetener
    Staple Food Source
    Charcoal / Firewood
    Cattle Feed
    Main Food Source
    Shade Trees
    Ship Building


    Mesquite is the common name for several species of small trees in the genus Prosopis. The Grove variety is Prosopis pallida also know as Kiawe and Algarrobo. This species is native to the drier areas of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, but we have sourced ours from Piura in Peru. Mesquite (Prosopis pallida) spread to African and Pacific countries in the 1800’s and later throughout Asia. Interestingly, it was believed to have been introduced into northern and western Queensland in the early 1900’s (1920-1930), specifically as a shade tree for homesteads. They have also been planted to prevent erosion in arid areas. The trees spread rapidly and by the 1980’s — when it was mused as an ‘invasion’ — environmental officers sought to manage their numbers and prevent further spread and Queensland legislation declared Prosopis pallida as a Class 1 pest plant.

    Historically and today, the entire tree has been utilised. The wood is strong and has been used for furniture, ship building (by the Spanish) and various other items such as fence posts. The price becoming quite high in the USA and eventually generally being used for bespoke pieces.

    It has also been used for firewood, as it burns slowly with little to no smoke or ash. Local villagers (and others) have harvested the wood to make charcoal. When the dry season comes around and the grass stops growing, the beans have been used to bulk out feed for cattle (if cattle are fed solely on the beans they become malnourished).

    The flowers—pre-bean pod—produce nectar which can be turned into a honey/syrup called “Algarrobina” which can be used as a sweetener and a natural thickener for foods and beverages which has been said to be an effective medicine for dysentery. It has also been used as a flour to make a cake for warriors / hunters travelling long distances.
  • Getting in the Kitchen

    Traditionally Mesquite ‘flour’ / powder was made into a cake for warriors / hunters travelling long distances. Because it has such a unique earthy, sweetish, caramel flavour it lends itself to being used in cakes, breads, ice-cream, biscuits, pastry bases and the obvious addition to beverages (smoothies, juices, hot chocolate and tea).

    Recipes in the Blog

    Mesquite Nicecreams

    Mesquite Biscuits

    Custard Cream with Mesquite Pastry


    We have packaged your product in cost effective black bags, which protect the products from damaging UV rays which degrade your product. We have also inserted a silica-based desiccant pack to absorb any unwanted moisture and keep your products safer and help them last longer.
    To ensure your product status fresh we recommend storing it in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight, this will also ensure that it is not exposed to additional heat and moisture.


    None that we are aware of. If you have concerns we recommend consulting your health care practitioner.


PERUVIAN Tradition

At The Grove we are committed to ensuring that the products that we source are done so while respecting the; environment, people and traditional cultures that have flourished there for 1000's of years. We work closely with our suppliers to support the farmers, their families, the communities and the natural environment that they live in, ensuring the sustainability, economy, traditions and quality of the entire process from seed to table. By ensuring that our products are sourced in this way, ensures consistent premium flavour and nutrient content.

"I drink cocoa: with it I am glad, my heart takes pleasure, my heart is happy" — aztec poem excerpt

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    Bonnie K.
    Oh my honeycomb.

    This is the most delicious powder ever! I even tried their super simple mesquite biscuit recipe, soooooo dammed yummy. I recommend this product and will be back for more.

    Angel W.
    So sweet and delicious

    I previously purchased the nibs from The Grove. Loved them, so I though id try the mesquite after seeing their biscuit recipe on instagram. Delicious.

    ROXY C.
    The Grove provide the most amazing service and products.

    Perfect. Very happy customer. A million thanks!!

    Samii A.
    The most amazing service and products

    The Grove provide the most amazing service and products. Perfect. Very happy customer. A million thanks!!

    Rachel R.
    Very happy

    Beautiful product. Very happy. Fast postage