Mint Tulsi & Chaga Balls

December 05, 2019 0 Comments

Deliciously uplifting and beautifully sweet, these bites are the best little morning, afternoon or lunchbox snack.

Organic Tulsi

Named the "Queen of herbs", Tulsi is one of the most revered products within Ayurveda, promoting health and longevity while maintaining youthfulness, commonly used to support the lungs, heart, nervous and digestive system, specifically helping to alleviate fevers and coughing, promoting clear airways, digestion and circulation. Research has found that Tulsi may be able to help improve VO2 Max and lung capacity, as well as endurance. Support the immune system. Reduce stress, elevating mood and cognitive function.
Did you know that Tulsi was also a member of the Mint Family??
Visit the science tab in the product page to see what we found when researching Tulsi.


As an ancient remedy in Egypt around 1000BC, peppermint has some miles under its belt, used to support the respiratory, digestive, immune and muscular systems. Today we even take mint tablets to soothe (cool) digestive issues and promote movement. Or can be used to alleviate headaches by rubbing some on the temples or under the nose to clear airways.

Organic Chaga

Chaga is truly out diamond on the forest, and traditionally revered for its ability to promote health, longevity and youthfulness. Traditional Chinese Medicine has used Chaga to support the lungs, kidneys, heart and liver. This anti-aging Medicinal Mushroom is said to be a potent aid in modulating (balancing) the immune system as well as supporting brain health. by visiting the science tab in the product page to see what we found when researching Chaga.

Within Ayurveda herbs always require a vehicle (anupan) to aid their bio-availability for maximum effect within the right areas of the body when consumed, a catalyst for the desired response, this can be a fat (ghee/coconut oil), a honey, water, aloe juice or gel. An example of this in action is turmeric, if consumed without a fat, the intestines see it as a toxin and flush it straight out, the only way it can be absorbed is when encapsulated by a fat - and the required vehicle depends on the herb and response.

Whether its just running around with small people or animals, or simply being rested for work - We believe these healthy and tasty treats really have the goods to help support optimum health and performance.

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