Sweet Potato Smoothie

September 15, 2017 0 Comments

Delicious went all out with some Sweet Potatoe, Spinach and Spirulina for todays smoothie, then we went and added some of our Organic Astragalus and Maca to boost our bodies and brains into action on this Sunny Melbourne Tuesday. This smoothie is great for sustained energy and focus, if you're anything like us and want balance, avoiding the peaks and crashes, this bundle of magic is the way to go. But remember, Astragalus is all about the accumulative effect, taken daily you'll start to really notice a difference in performance and focus, especially when you throw in the adaptogenic effects of Maca.

So much nutrition.

β€œAn adaptogen is a botanical that greatly improves your body's ability to adapt to stress, whether it's a hectic schedule, heat or cold, noise, high altitudes or any number of other stressors. This elite class of herbs impart strength, energy, stamina, endurance, and improve mental clarity.” – Chris Kilham, Oprah & Friends.
Sweet potato
With a variety of nutrients including; Vitamin A (from the beta carotene, which is really important for eye and skin health among other things), Vitamin C, B6, B1, B2, manganese, potassium and niacin. They are a great alternative to traditional potatoes and easy to add to smoothies.
a powerhouse of a spice, suggested to be anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-microbial, anti-cancer (to name but a few).
Organic Maca
Know for improving energy, maca can also aid with mood as well as help your body adapt to life stressors as it is classified as an adpatogen.
Organic Spirulina (Multi-vitamin)
Spirulina was a staple for the ancient Aztecs who scrapped it from the top of lakes and made it into cakes as they dried it. More recently, NASA has been using Spirulina as a staple on space missions for nutrition, water filtration, oxygen production and crop yield. Not only does it contain a host of vitamins and minerals but it also contains 60% protein. Spirulina is quite literally Natures Multi-vitamin.
Studies suggest that the unique compounds in Astragalus may provide anti-aging effects whilst balancing, protecting and cleansing the body to enable it to perform optimally.

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