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Warm Strawberry Cacao Smoothie

May 25, 2018 0 Comments

When friends pop around on a fresh Autumn morning you should definitely pull this number to sit down and chin-wag til your jaws drop off. With all the good stuff, this chocolate smoothie is a smidgen of spring with a lot of wholesome and warm chocolate friendly decadence. With the added benefits of Cordyceps for energy and cognitive performance, and the Astragalus to not only help Cordyceps on it's mission, but to provide a further boost, whilst also helping to protect and nourish our nervous system (and in turn our noggins).

So grab your UGGs and sit down with your friend in your comfy chair surrounded by all those wonderful smooshy pillows and adapt into the day, indulging in conversation and chocolate — feel the love.

Immunomodulation (cacao / Cordyceps)
Strengthening, balancing, supporting and regulating the immune system, optimising immune response (great for winter).
Adaptogen (cacao / Cordyceps)
Helping the body adapt to stress.
Anandamide (cacao)
Is a fatty acid neurotransmitter. The name is taken from the Sanskrit word 'ananda', which means "joy, bliss, delight".
Theobromine (cacao)
Similar to caffeine, it is a vasodilator, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, diuretic and can act as a stimulant. Studies suggest it aids the absorption of the polyphenols in Cacao.
Magnesium (cacao)
an essential mineral, absorbed in the gut and is important for energy, muscle health and bone health,
Cordyceps has been used for cognitive and athletic performance, along with it's potential immunomodulatory effects. Working synergistically in the body, they have been shown to potentially aid energy production, virility, physical and cognitive performance. Athletes pay particular attention to its ability in aiding them to go harder for longer, whilst supporting the many systems in the body and homeostasis. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has used Cordyceps as a tonic for rejuvenation, longevity, endurance and vitality for centuries.
Organic Astragalus
Studies suggest that the unique compounds in Astragalus may help the activity of Cordyceps and provide anti-aging effects whilst balancing, protecting and cleansing the body to enable it to perform optimally.

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