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Organic Triphala Powder

Triphala (meaning "three fruits") is one of the most famous Ayurvedic preparations, combining; Amla, Bibhitaki and Haritaki, used primarily to help maintain a healthy digestive system, but has also been used to help; rejuvenation, balance blood sugar, digestion, detox, weight loss, lung health and support eye function, maintaining complete wellness. Research* suggests that this combination is high in anti-oxidants, supporting traditional uses helping balance the immune system, bacteria, microbes, digestion and also manage weight, also classifying Triphala as an Adaptogen.

Our trio of traditional goodness to adapt, digest and detox.

250g / approx. 50 serves / $0.55 per serve


  • Adaptogen; helping the body adapt to stress, allowing for an increased tolerance to mental exhaustion, enhancing attention and mental endurance.
    Immunomodulator; strengthening, balancing, supporting and regulating the immune system, optimising immune response.

    Triphala is a combination of three fruits, each is used within Ayurveda for its own action, but when combined the three make a well known and popular combination — Triphala — either used on its own or as part of a decoction with other herbs to make specific treatments. Traditionally Triphala has been used to support digestion and as a rejuvinative to support vitality, detox and respiratory system.

    Modern research has confirmed the traditional term 'Rasayana', describing Triphala as an adaptogenic herb, containing potent anti-oxidants, supporting eye health, the immune system, circulatory system and the digestive system — all key to nourishing vitality.

    Amalaki (Amla)

    Of the three fruits Amalaki (Amla) and is a potent Ayurvedic Rasayana (adaptogen) used to promote vitality and impact all 3 doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha). Modern research has found that Amla is high in anti-oxidants, potentially vitamin C (nearly half a gram per 100g) and help regulate the immune response, support the liver and aid cognition.


    Haritaki is described within Ayurveda as 'remover of diseases' and is a sacred plant, suggested to be the herb for the digestive system, rejuvenating the body, aiding longevity and enhancing the effects of other herbs taken with it. Research suggests that the anti-oxidants within Haritaki may be used as an effective anti-bacterial mouthwash, eye wash and digestion.


    The fruit Bibhitaki is traditionally said to be the 'one that keeps you away from disease', given this name as it is able to nourish the immune system, used to rejuvenate the lungs, benefit the eyes and hair, cleansing and supporting the digestive and urinary system, acting as a diuretic and laxative. 

    More research can be found under the Science tab.

    bodily Functions supported


    Feelings we feel by taking care of the functions


    Nutritional Panel

    Serving Size: 1-5g per Serve (1/4tsp - 1 tbsp)
    Ingredients: Organic Triphala Powder (Amla, Haritaki, Bibhitaki)

    Per Serve (5g) Per 100g
    Energy (kJ) 45.05kJ 900.96kJ 
    Calories (kcal) 10.60kcal 211.99kcal
    Protien 0.15g 3.07g
    Total Carbohydrates 2.05g 41.00g
    - Sugars 0.13g 2.67g
    - Fibre 1.14g 22.70g
    Total Fat 0.21g 4.10g
    - Saturated 0.01g 0.20g
    Sodium 0.01mg 0.10mg

    Active Ingredients

    Tannins, alkaloids, sennoside, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), bioflavonoids and mucilage.


    Caution should be taken during pregnancy. If you have concerns we recommend consulting your health care practitioner.
  • As with many things internet based, a lot of information is copied and pasted, has a dash of creative license, a sprinkling of Chinese whispers and boom you have a new superfood or a superherb. When we select our products we look for the most effective and the very best quality. So we research and research some more, then provide all of that research for you so that you can make up your own mind.
Research suggests that Triphala when taken for extended periods can help reduce stress on the immune system, with the potential to lessen the release of cortisol and improve immune response. Triphala may also have the ability to reduce inflammation in autoimmune diseases. [1]
    Triphala has also been suggested to reduce the growth of cancer cells and that it may be helpful in conjunction with chemotherapy. [4, 5]

    Weight management
Triphala may be able to help in the management of weight in a high fat diet by helping to reduce overall cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, which improving HDL. [2]

Tulsi has been suggested to be able to reduce overall blood glucose levels, and fasted glucose levels in the blood stream of people with type 2 Diabetes. It has also been shown to help reduce high blood pressure in those with hypertension. Studies have found that Tulsi may help balance blood sugar by impacting the enzymes responsible for carbohydrate metabolism. [1, 2, 4, 14, 15, 16]

Research has found that Triphala is an antioxidant-rich herbal formulation containing polyphenols such as naringin, quercetin, homoorientin, Isorhamnetin, hypaconitine, and acaciin. [5]
    The polyphenols in Triphala have been shown to be converted in the gut to metabolites which may be anti-oxidative. [4]

    gastrointestinal health
Triphala has been found to contain phytochemicals such as quercetin and gallic acid and that they promote the growth of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus species while inhibiting the growth of undesirable gut residents such as E. coli., aiding the health of gut microbiome. Triphala has also been reported to help reduce constipation, mucous, abdominal pain, hyperacidity, and flatulence while improving the regularity and consistency of bowl movements. [4].
    Research has also found that the phenolic anti-oxidant in Triphala may have the potential to help reduce ulcers by balancing and reducing stress in the gastrointestinal tract. [3]

Studies have also identified that Triphala may help promote the growth of collagen while reducing oxidative stress, thus has the potential to be anti-aging. [4].

Triphala has been studied and suggested to help reduce inflammation in bone and cartilage of those suffering from arthritis, while also helping reduce fat oxidation. [4].

Triphala has been shown to contain vitamin c and flavonols (anti-oxidants), these anti-oxidative effects may help eye health by increasing the glutathione levels in the eyes lenses and potentially helping prevent cataracts. [4, 6].

Triphala may also help the cardiovascular system by balancing cholesterol levels. [4].

If taken for a period of 45 days or more Triphala may help balance blood sugar levels. [2, 7]

    ANTI-bacterial & anti-microbial
Research has suggested that Triphala may contain strong antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus epidermidis. [8]

    Oral health
In a review, Triphala was suggested to potentially be effective in the management of dental caries, gingival and periodontal diseases. Plus, that is may have potential as a root canal irrigant and against oral candida species. [9] Research also suggests that by using a mouth wash of Triphala and water, the oral bacteria Streptococcus mutan which contributes to too decay, may be reduced. [10]

    Weight management
Triphala may be able to help in the management of weight in a high fat diet by helping to reduce overall cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, which improving HDL. [2]

    Research Suggests



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    6) Eye Health (2010)
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    The 3 fruits within Triphala are organically and sustainably grown in India using 100% renewable energy. The fruits are harvested and dehydrated before being inspected, sorted and sent for processing.


    When the fruits arrive for processing, they are passed through machines to have any impurities removed before being steam sterilised. They are then moved to be dried, micronised and ground into powder (the entire process is completed below 40°C). Once individually ground to powder, they are blended 1:1:1 before being bulk packaged for transport.


    The product is then put on a ship and sails to Australia and arrives at The Grove HQ approximately 4 weeks later.


    Once it arrives at The Grove HQ we carry out quality control checks and repackage it ready for you.


    The Life of Triphala

Amla (Emblica officinalis / Indian gooseberry) fruit, belongs to Phyllanthaceae family and is a deciduous tree medium in height grows up to 8m with slightly curved trunk, fine branches around 10-20 cm long with long pinnate, very tiny, simple leaves. The fruiting flowers are a yellowish colour before turning into hard, smooth and spherical fruit, yellowish green in colour with six vertical stripes. The edible fruit is a great source of fibre with a sour, bitter and astringent flavour.

    Bibhitaki is a fruit the grows on a large deciduous tree found throughout India reaches height up to 30m. The trunk of the tree is straight with a brownish grey colour and long, alternate, oval leaves, clustered towards the end of branches that are around 7-14cm in breadth and 10-12cm in length. Simple and single white or yellow flowers appear once a year with an unpleasant smell, the upper part of the tree is male and lower part is female. The oval grey fruits with sweet kernels are covered with sweet flavoured flesh.It's fruit resembles to Haritaki fruit but without ridges.

    Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) fruit grows on a medium to large sized deciduous tree growing up to height of 25-30m and diameter of trunk of this tree is 1m, with bark that is a dark brown colour with longitudinal cracks and oval or elliptic leaves around 7-8cm long. The hermaphrodite flower before the fruit is a white to yellow colour and unpleasant smell, before turning into a yellow to orange-brown coloured fruit.
  • traditional uses

    Reduce Toxins
    Mild Laxative
    Aids Digestion
    Treats Eye Disorders
    Helps Diabetes
    Reduces Cholesterol
    Reduces Inflammation


    Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest medicinal sciences, with a historic use dating back than 5,000 years. Triphala is a key Ayurvedic Rasayana (rejuvenative) formula combining, in equal parts the there fruits; Amla, Haritaki and Bibhitaki.

    The oldest reference to Triphala is around 1500 BC within the Sushrut Samhitas, and was then mentioned again in the 1st century AD (2000yrs ago) by a famous Ayurvedic Physician, Chakra, who was the physician to the King of the Kushan Empire (modern day Kashmir). The king lived to become 100yrs old, which was alleged to be a direct result of Chakra preparing Triphala for him daily.

    Triphala is used throughout Ayurveda in various ways, such as;
    • on it's own (curna),
    • when making decoctions to combine other ingredients (Gugguls),
  • Getting in the Kitchen

    You can mix this Triphala powder with juice, smoothies or milk to make a beverage or into raw cakes. It can also be added to other poultices for topical treatments or face masks to enhance the complexion. You may also use it within mouth washes or toothpaste mixes. If you are looking for a specific combination of herbs we recommend consulting your healthcare practitioner, combinations may include those to; enhance the health of gastrointestinal tract or support the immune system.

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    We have packaged your product in cost effective black bags, which protect the products from damaging UV rays which degrade your product. We have also inserted a silica-based desiccant pack to absorb any unwanted moisture and keep your products safer and help them last longer.


    Caution should be taken during pregnancy. If you have concerns we recommend consulting your health care practitioner.



The Grove's products and philosophies are very much aligned with the practices of Ayurveda, who's principles have roots embedded in 1000's of years of tradition. Ayurveda looks to treat the person, ensuring that all aspects of the physical, spiritual and environmental are considered when seeking Optimum Health for an individual. These Ancient methods integrate Ayurveda (nutrition), Yoga (physical) and Tantra (spiritual) to create a balanced peaceful life.


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    Sandra B.
    Australia Australia

    Hello friendly people at The Grove

    Thank you very much for my triphala and ashwagandha. The order arrived neatly packaged, and fresh and dry. My husband and I have been consuming a desert spoon of both in a banana smoothie before bed. Delicious and a good calming drink. I will buy more goodies in the not too distant future.

    John C.

    Love the quality of The Grove products.

    I’ve been taking Triphala for a few days now and noticed I am able to concentrate better with a good overall body energy, vitality and focus. My digestion has improved and I feel so much better. I was scattered and could not focus. Its true that the gut and brain are connected and this has been proven to me after taking triphala. Im recommending The Grove to everyone I know.

    Percy G.

    Genuine and high quality

    Dont you love it when you find a great genuine company with great products. Awesome.

    Phil B.

    Great product

    Best product. Pure product. Love it.

    Sali S.

    Such a great cleanse

    Previously I purchased the Lions Mane, and needed a bit of digestive help so bought the Triphala, it has help me balance out and I love it.

    Chloe O.

    Such a great product

    Loving the Triphala. Its been a positive addition to my diet helping me balance my gut, flush out all the nasties and help me be regular again.

    Gary P.

    Love it.

    Love this product. The best.

    Simone M.

    Thank you for great products and information.

    I have in need of a detox for while and a friend suggested adding triphala to my daily routine. I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and it has made such a difference. It’s like I can feel the cleansing happening. So good. Im starting to feel boosted again. Just in time for Spring.

    Deven R.

    I love quality of your Organic triphala powder.

    Thank you for sending it so quickly. God Bless.

    Holly W.

    Great laxative

    I was prescribed this product by my Ayurveda practitioner to help my digestion and flush out toxins and help me get moving again. It works. But it also seemed to help me with energy. Love it. Thanks to my practitioner and thanks to the Grove.