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Organic Cordyceps Complex

As status symbols for high performance and longevity, famed for nourishing the bodies Yin (structure) and strengthening the Yang (function), this blend combines the two best cordyceps; Organic ‘Ophiocordyceps sinensis CS4’ and Organic ‘Cordyceps militaris’, to provide the famed energy compounds for performance, the all important beta-glucan anti-oxidants for longevity and optimal health as well as the unique cordycepin compound.

You're potent zombie due for optimal performance and longevity.

100g / approx. 100 serves / $0.40 per serve


  • Adaptogen; helping the body adapt to stress, allowing for an increased tolerance to mental exhaustion, enhancing attention and mental endurance.
    Immunomodulator; strengthening, balancing, supporting and regulating the immune system, optimising immune response.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has used Cordyceps strains as a tonic for rejuvenation, longevity, endurance and vitality for centuries, suggesting benefits such as organ health (kidneys and lungs), sexual prowess, mental and physical performance as well as strengthening the skeletal system (lumber spine, knees and ankles) and supporting nerve health. Classified as containing both Yin (energy accumulated) and Yang (energy expended), although it is said to be more Yang than Yin, it supports balance (homeostasis) within the body. The below icons indicate the potential of our Cordyceps powder to impact the way the body functions which in-turn impacts how we feel.

    With this in mind, our friend Cordyceps has many and varied health benefits, when consumed its 30+ bioactive ingredients have been studied for various health conditions. Working synergistically in the body, they have been shown to potentially aid energy production, virility, physical and cognitive performance. Athletes pay particular attention to its ability in aiding them to go harder for longer, whilst supporting the many systems in the body and homeostasis.
    Check out the 'Seed to Table' tab for more about the life of Cordyceps and an awesome time-lapse video from the phenomenal David Attenborough here.

    But why blend both Cordyceps CS-4 and Cordyceps militaris?
    Due to the wild fungus costing more than $500USD per gram, becoming cost prohibitive. The Grove Ophiocordyceps sinensis is Cordyceps CS-4, which has been carefully cultivated in controlled conditions using modern fermentation technology. This modern fermentation method is an effective alternative providing the same potency and health benefits as the wild fungus — health benefits and a price efficiency — win win.
    The only caveat to the fermentation method is that there is no fruiting body! It doesn't matter who you buy from, growers have yet to find a way to get the sinensis strain to fruit in a commercial environment. With no fruiting body there are no beta-glucans or cordycepin, which have the ability to amp up some of the awesome benefits that Cordyceps is known for, in particular immune support.
    ...In comes Cordyceps militaris, a strain which it is possible to get to produce a fruiting body in controlled environments, enabling us to obtain the beta-glucans and the Cordycepin.
    In The Grove Cordyceps Complex we then get access to; beta-glucans and Cordycepin along with; polysaccharides, mannitol and adenosine.

    Something to note: Cordyceps only requires water extracted to obtain the various active compound and make them bio-available to us when consumed.

    If you are a staunch Sinensis supporter and want to get the CS-4 strain click here, if your not and just want the Militaris click here.

    The compounds within medicinal fungi work in synergy with each other, because of this we believe these products are one of the best ways to achieve health, well-being and longevity. Within this complex you get a great starter or ongoing combined approach to your energising Medicinal Mushroom / Fungi journey.

    More research can be found under the Science tab.

    Questions? Contact us here! :)

    Functions / systems Within the body this product helps to balance

    Feelings we notice By supporting the 'functions'

    Nutritional Panel

    Serving Size: 1-5g per Serve (1/4 - 1tsp)
    Ingredients: (USDA) Organic and Water extracted; Cordyceps militaris fruiting body (8:1) and Cordyceps CS-4 (6:1) (Ophiocordyceps sinensis mycelium).

    Per Serve (1g) Per 100g
    Energy (kJ) 10.89kJ 1089.25kJ
    Calories (kcal) 2.56kcal 256.29kcal
    Protien 0.10g 10.05g
    Total Carbohydrates 0.41g 41.40g
    - Sugars 0.00g 0.45g
    - Fibre 0.03g 2.5g
    Total Fat 0.06g 5.80g
    - Saturated 0.00g 0.00g
    Sodium 0.05mg 5.35mg

    Active Ingredients

    Minimum: 25% Polysaccharides, 10% Beta-glucans, 1.5mg/g Cordycepin, 2.0mg/g Adenosine, 11.5% Mannitol.
    Other bioactive compounds include:
    Peptides (cordymin and myriocin), melanin, lovastatin, γ-aminobutyric acid, cordysinins, cordyceptin and sterols, nucleosides, sterides, extracellular polysaccharides, intracellular polysaccharides such as galactomannan, alkanols (such as mannitol), crude proteins, essential amino acids, multiple trace elements and some vitamins.


    Cordyceps is generally well tolerated, most effective when taken daily over time, as such our Cordyceps is not SUPER extracted, it is extracted so as to be bioavailable and enhance its capacity to be effective when taken as a daily health support. Some Medicinal Mushrooms (and other herbs) are extracted to be very potent for the treatment of acute disorders, these products when taken by healthy individuals may over stimulate the bodies systems and have negative and opposing effects/results that those we are looking for. Please be mindful of other products that are 20:1, 30:1 etc, they may do more harm than good.
    Cordyceps has the capacity to interact with the production of ATP (the bodies energy currency), when highly potent Cordyceps is taken it can overstimulate the bodies energy pathways, causing the jitters and other long term complications.
    If you have concerns we recommend consulting your health care practitioner.
  • As with many things internet based, a lot of information is copied and pasted, has a dash of creative license, a sprinkling of Chinese whispers and boom you have a new superfood or a superherb. When we select our products we look for the most effective and the very best quality. So we research, then research some more, and provide all of that research here, so that you can make up your own mind.

    Organic Cordyceps has a very impressive line up of health benefits, below are the most prominent, but for further details, head over to their individual product pages.


    Research suggests that Cordyceps militaris may help prevent post exercise fatigue and help promote endurance . (8)


Research suggests that the polysaccharides from Cordyceps militaris have the ability to stimulate lymphocytes (white blood/immune cells in the lymphatic system), lymphocytes are the major soldiers in the lymphatic system. (1)
    Further research found that the polysaccharides within Cordyceps militaris have the ability to increase T-lymphocytes (responsible for attacking viruses, fungi, cancer cells), B-lymphocytes (effective bacteria killers), natural killer cells and macrophages (cells that help kill bacteria and stimulate other immune responses). Also suggesting that cordyceps militaris may have the capacity to promote free radical scavenging, reducing oxidative stress and promoting immune function. (2)
    Studies also suggests that Cordyceps militaris may help reduce the function of the immune system (down-regulate) by reducing the number of inflammatory cytokines, which could help in certain autoimmune diseases. (6)
    A study from 2015, showed that extracted cordyceps militaris was able to reduce the proliferation of human tumor cells, suggesting great potential in the use for treatment against cancer. (9, 10)


The compound cordycepin has been researched in a small group for its ability to have hypoglycemic effects, although the results were positive in the potential treatment of diabetes, it was suggested that further research was required. (3)


The Cordyceps militaris compound cordycepin, has been suggested to be effective in the promotion of tutor cell apoptosis (death), although in the presence of xylitol this increased by up to 30%, suggesting further research was required in vivo. (4)
    Cordyceps militaris extract was found to have the ability to inhibit angiogenesis in tutor cells as well as help root tumour cell death, with research suggesting that it may be effective in pretreatment or as a support along side drugs used in a clinical setting. (7)


By strengthening antioxidative activity and preventing mitochondria-controlled cell death (apoptosis), cordyceps militarism was able to support liver health. With high doses of cordyceps militaris having a similar action to the drug “silymarin”, suggesting that it may be effective in helping to treat liver disease. (5)


Ophiocordyceps has been proven to increase the a free radical scavenging ability of Anti-oxidants — seek and find activity — protecting the athletes from oxidative stress. Studies also show that when supplemented with Reishi, over a 3 month period, the hormone testosterone) and the stress hormone (cortisol) ratios changed, which is great for athletes who are at risk of overtraining or overreaching in the lead up to an event.
    Further studies suggest that supplementation improves;
    • exercise performance by increasing the metabolism as well as extending the time before becoming out of breath,
    • endurance by lowering fatigue, and
    • cellular ATP production = useful energy! (Rather than CNS stimulation, and potential energy deficiency, via say caffeine)*.
    *The Adenosine compound is required in ATP (adenosine triphosphate), ATP is responsible for the bodies energy production, studies suggest that Ophiocordyceps has the ability to aid ATP in energy metabolism, improving exercise performance and resisting fatigue. (13, 15, 18, 22, 23)


Traditionally, Ophiocordyceps has been used to enhance sexual function. Ongoing studies now suggest that it may have the ability to improve libido and sexual activity and repair reproductive function in both men and women. This is achieved via water extraction — more cups of tea! :)
    Some studies suggest that it is over three times more effective in increasing libido of men, compared to a placebo. It has also been reported that treatment with Ophiocordyceps resulted in a 33% increase in sperm count. This increase has been attributed by some to nutrients within Ophiocordyceps, such as amino acids, vitamins, and zinc. (18)


Ophiocordyceps when studied in respect of the immune function of the gutt, specifically the gastrointestinal-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT), it was shown that it may be helpful in reducing bad bacteria (salmonella sp. and E. coli) and increasing the good bacteria (Lactobacillus sp.), this was due to its phenomenal immune support and anti-inflammatory abilitites. (18)


Due to its immunomodulating and adaptogenic abilities, Ophiocordyceps has the ability to potentially aid in treating fatigue and depression—which often come hand in hand. This makes perfect sense, since energy levels can often be implicated by having a compromised immune system coupled with excessive inflammation because the body needs to work harder and thus you to feel less energised/fatigued. Once fatigued you are then less functional, mentally and physically, potentially leading to depression when you have chronic fatigue. Obviously fatigue is not caused or solved by one thing, but if we look beyond fatigue as the symptom and pay attention to the cause, the fatigue could be helped by regularly drinking a simple Ophiocordyceps tea, better still Reishi and Ophiocordyceps tea to support the immune system and help reduce inflammation. :)
    Ophiocordyceps has also been linked to helping improve memory and have an anti-aging capacity via its anti-oxidative effects.
    Through a more complex extraction Ophiocordyceps could potentially have an impact on the dopamine and adrenaline nervous systems, having a more direct effect as an anti-depressant. (16, 18, 32)


    Ophiocordyceps is also classified as an ADAPTOGEN which science suggests is any product than when consumed helps the body adapt to stress. Cordyceptin has been linked to the beneficial effects of Cordyceps regarding stress. (21)
    Anti-oxidants play an important role in preventing the body being put under stress from oxidation. Science suggests that the high levels of polysaccharides (phenols and flavonoids), cordymin and melanin found in Ophiocordyceps could potentially provide anti-oxidative effects, coupled with studies also suggesting that Ophiocordyceps potentially increases the ability of anti-oxidants to scavenge free-radicals — seek and find activity — within the blood, it becomes the perfect product to protect athletes (and non-athletes alike) from oxidative stress.
    Studies are also providing increasing evidence that the anti-oxidative compounds of Ophiocordyceps, when combined with a balanced diet, may be responsible for supporting the following effects:
    • anti-aging,
    • anti-inflammatory, and
    • immunomodulating.
    It is suggested that the best way to obtain these benefits is by making a tea, these anti-oxidant effects also appear to be present when extracted via alcohol. (11, 17, 18, 20, 23)


    Cordyceps CS-4 and Cordyceps militaris are cultivated sustainably (without grains or starches), with the conditions, temperature and humidity carefully managed.


    The fruiting body is then water extracted, dehydrated, crushed, sifted and then blended to powder. Once complete the powder is bulk packaged ready to send to The Grove HQ.


    The product is then put on a ship and sails to Australia and arrives at The Grove HQ approximately 4 weeks later.


    Once it arrives at The Grove HQ we carry out quality control (QC) checks and repackage it ready for you.

    Cordyceps is a host fungus with a different strain for each host, usually insects or arthropods making it entomopathogenic. In the wild, the mycelium invades the host in late autumn, the host will then hibernate for winter, when early summer comes around the mycelium replaces the host tissue, growing a fruiting body/stroma from the host (also called “the grass”) — leading to the Chinese/Tibetan name Winter-worm Summer-Grass. Ophiocordyceps is known as the caterpillar fungus as it only infects caterpillars, Cordyceps militaris on the other hand isn't as picky and has multiple hosts. With the most medicinal components being inside the fruiting body. This wild fungus grows only in high-altitude regions of about 3800m above sea level, in cold, grassy, alpine meadows of the Himalayan mountains. David Attenborough's documentary shows it in action.
    The Grove Cordyceps has been carefully cultivated in controlled conditions before being water extracted, dried and ground into the powder we provide you here. Due to being a host fungus, Wild Cordyceps as you might imagine, can be tricky to find, because it’s tricky, plus in high demand, it pushes the price up (in excess of $500USD per gram) making it more valuable that gold by weight. Over-harvesting and exploitation caused China to recently list the wild Ophiocordyceps strain as endangered. This modern method that The Grove Cordyceps is cultivated via, is an effective alternative to finding and harvesting Wild Cordyceps, as it provides a larger yield which in turn lowers the cost.
  • traditional uses

    Chinese Medicine

    Tonifies Qi (vitality)
    Nourish Jing (Yin & Yang)
    Kidney Tonic
    Lung Tonic
    Liver Tonic

    History of Cordyceps

Cordyceps is a family of around 400 species, the name cordyceps derives from the greek word kordyle, meaning “club" and the latin ceps meaning “head".

The origin of the Cordyceps family still appears to be a little mysterious, with many stories yet no factual evidence that we could find to substantiate them (feel free to send us your findings if you come across any).
    Known by the Tiben and Chinese as either Yartsa Gunbu or DongChongXiaCao, (summer-grass, winter-worm, in English), it has constantly been discussed who actually discovered this wonderful fungus, some say the Chinese, and other say it was happened upon by the Himalayan Yak Herders of Tibet and Nepal, after their animals behaviour became more enthusiastic and passionate when they consumed it during spring, which then led them to casually use it themselves. After this, it is then said to have become popular in Chinese medicine (where they generalise to “cordyceps” vs the actual specie which modern science differentiates), using it to treat:
    • male and female sexual dysfunction,
    • fatigue,
    • cancer,
    • hiccups,
    • organ health (primarily kidneys, lungs, heart),
    • relieve pain,
    • symptoms of tuberculosis,
    • symptoms of haemorrhoids,
    • to restore general health and appetite, and
    • to promote longevity.
    The first recording of this fungus has been said to have been in Nyamnyi Dorje's 15th century tibetan text “An Ocean of Aphrodisiacal Qualitites” as “Yartsa Gunbu”.
Folk healers of Sikkim are said to have used Codyceps Sinensis to cure 21 health complaints including asthma, tuberculosis, coughs and colds, hepatitus, cancer and diabetes to name but a few.
Today, (summer-grass, winter-worm), Chinese medicine attributes the effectiveness of Cordyceps to the Chinese philosophical concept “Yin” and “Yang”, classifying Cordyceps as a tonic that nourishes the bodies Yin (structure) and strengthens the bodies Yang (function). They call the fungus DongChongXiaCao.
In 1993 during the Chinese National Championships held in Beijing, China, Wang Junxia took 42 seconds off the 10,000m record. After being tested for illicit drugs and nothing found, many still believe that her coach had been giving her more than just his concoction of turtle blood and fungus, but since these claims, science has proven that there may be some truth to support his seemingly ridiculous claims.
    Although historically there are far fewer texts and references than our other Medicinal Mushrooms, with some being popular myth and possibly even hype, there are many more current scientific studies and findings that have explored and substantiated or support the tales from the past. Whatever it’s origin—with science on our side, hot on the tails of the fables—there is no denying it is quite a unique and highly beneficial fungus that will aid your daily nutritional arsenal and holistic wellbeing (see the science tab for more information).
  • Getting in the Kitchen

    There are many ways to consume tonic mushrooms. Traditionally, they are made into a tea with hot water. We add the powder to our coffees, smoothies, chocolate, raw snacks, even our soups, bolognaise and stews!

    Recipes in the Blog

    Add to any recipe - even Mushroom Pate!

    Add 1/4tsp to your Tea or Coffee!

    Add to any of your favourite Raw Treats


    We have packaged your product in cost effective black bags, which protect the products from damaging UV rays which degrade your product. We have also inserted a silica-based desiccant pack to absorb any unwanted moisture and keep your products safer and help them last longer.
    To ensure your product status fresh we recommend storing it in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight, this will also ensure that it is not exposed to additional heat and moisture.


    Cordyceps is generally well tolerated, most effective when taken daily over time, as such our Cordyceps is not SUPER extracted, it is extracted so as to be bioavailable and enhance its capacity to be effective when taken as a daily health support. Some Medicinal Mushrooms (and other herbs) are extracted to be very potent, causing them to be effective for shorter periods in the treatment of acute disorders, these products when taken for longer than necessary may over stimulate the bodies systems and have negative and opposing effects/results that those we are looking for. Please be mindful of other products that are 20:1, 30:1 etc, they may do more harm than good.
    Cordyceps has the capacity to interact with the production of ATP (the bodies energy currency), when highly potent Cordyceps is taken it can overstimulate the bodies energy pathways, causing the jitters and other long term complications.
    If you have concerns we recommend consulting your health care practitioner.



The Grove principles and philosophies are very much aligned with those of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Chinese tonic herbalist is proactive in their approach to health, rather than treating disease, they carve a path to promote “radiant health” or “health beyond danger”. There is a similar Benjamin Franklin quote "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Prevention is cure is something we believe too.

Those who take medicine and neglect their diet waste the skill of the physician — Chinese Proverb

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    Fantastic product

    I take this every morning with my coffee and can honestly feel the difference. I don’t have the afternoon crashes like I used to. My mind isn’t as restless either and I can only contribute this to taking this wonderful product. Thank you The Grove