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Organic Schisandra Powder

The Schisandra Berry has been used in Chinese medicine for 100’s of years, with folklore claiming it can “calm the heart and quiet the spirit”. Listed as a top adaptogen, studies* suggest Schisandra is high in anti-oxidants, and may aid physical performance, fatigue, brain health, blood sugar and liver health, as well as being anti-microbial.

The bold, boosting and balancing berry.

250g / approx. 250 serves / $0.11 per serve


  • Adaptogen; helping the body adapt to stress, allowing for an increased tolerance to mental exhaustion, enhancing attention and mental endurance.
    Schisandra is a berry that grows on a vine in similar conditions to grapes, though its flavour is very different, earning it the name the '5 flavour berry' due to its 5 flavours; sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty taste.
    Schisandra has been used in many cultures throughout history, but for 100's of years it has been most revered within Traditional Chinese Medicine for its Adaptogenic capacity, known as the king of the crop, said to be the “the herb that does it all", claiming that when taken for extended periods it helps promote; vitality, beautiful skin, cleanse the blood, aid memory, support organ function (specifically Kidneys, Lungs, Brain and Liver), as well as act as an aphrodisiac.
    Due to the afor mentioned 5 flavours, Chinese Medicine classifies it as also containing the essence of the five energy elements; wood, fire, earth, metal and water, earning Schisandra a place among the high - classed superior herbs of the Chinese Medicinal arsenal able to nourish all 3 treasures (Jing, Qi and Shen), which also includes; Reishi, Goji and Ginsengs.

    Science is now supporting some of these claims, particularly in its capacity to aid the body in dealing with current day stressors of various kinds, suggesting that Schisandra may aid everything from "schizophrenia in reduction of catatonia and negative symptoms, relief of fatigue, and amelioration of side effects from neurotropic and other sedating medications.”
    With polyphenolic and flavonoid compounds acting as anti-oxidants and the widely researched adaptogenic capacities of Schisandra, means it's not just another Goji or Acai berry, this little berry is far more potent, with a potent 'sweet-sour' flavour to go with it.

    More research can be found under the Science tab.

    Functions / systems within the body this product helps to balance

    Feelings we notice by supporting the 'functions'


    Nutritional Panel

    Serving Size: 1-5g per Serve (1/4-1tsp)
    Ingredients:Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis) Berry Powder

    Per Serve (1g) Per 100g
    Energy (kJ) 10.26kJ 1026.00kJ 
    Calories (kcal) 2.41kcal 241.41kcal
    Protien 0.11g 11.00g
    Total Carbohydrates 0.45g 45.00g
    - Sugars 0.00g 0.00g
    - Fibre 0.14g 14.00g
    Total Fat 0.02g 2.00g
    - Saturated 0.01g 1.00g
    Sodium 0.00mg 0.00mg

    Active Ingredients

    Schisandrol A, Schisandrin A, Schisandrin B, Polysaccharides, and Polyphenolic and Flavonoid compounds (anti-oxidants).


    We recommend care during pregnancy and breast feeding, or if you have; epilepsy, gastric reflux or high brain pressure.
    If you have concerns we recommend consulting your health care practitioner.
  • As with many things internet based, a lot of information is copied and pasted, has a dash of creative license, a sprinkling of Chinese whispers and boom you have a new superfood or a superherb. When we select our products we look for the most effective and the very best quality. So we research, then research some more, and provide all of that research here, so that you can make up your own mind.


Studies suggest that Schisandra contains high levels of polyphenols and flavonoids which are anti-oxidants that have been suggested to be effective at free radical scavenging. (7, 8, 14, 15)
    Suggesting that anti-oxidants are potentially responsible for:
    • anti-aging,
    • anti-fatigue, and
    • anti-inflammatory, and
    • organ health (liver).


The adaptogenic properties of Schisandra work similarly to Eleuthero and have also been shown to potentially demonstrate protective actions within the brain but further studies are required.
    In addition, it has been studied and suggested that Schisandra — again due to its adaptogenic properties — potentially exhibits the ability to increase mental and physical performance, in some instances, this can take effect within as little as 30 minutes of consumption and lasts for around 4-6hours, and even better, unlike other stimulants, Schisandra doesn't have addictive qualities, doesn't have a "come down", nor does it effect sleep.
    Research surrounding the adaptogenic effects of various traditional medicines, have also suggested that Schisanrda may have a neuroprotective effects, and also those specific to aging related decline. (1, 3, 4, 13, 14)

    HORMONES (Immune Support)

Schisandra has been studied regarding its effects glucose metabolism and strenuous exercise, which then put undue stress on immune function. It was found that Schisandra had the potential to reduce cortisol and blood glucose levels, which protected the adrenals, the balance of which plays an important role in supporting immune function. Recent studies, as recent as 2016, have also found that Shisandra may have an anti-depressant like effect due to it's ability to regulate the adrenals. In another study it was suggested that schisandra was able to provide anti-depressant like effects by potentially mediating the modification of noradrenergic (noradrenaline: fight or flight response), dopaminergic (dopamine: feelings of pleasure), GABAergic (calming) and glutamatergic (learning and memory) systems. (16, 17)


Due to it's adaptogenic activity, Schisandra has been suggested to have the ability to aid in treating fatigue by enabling the body to better handle stress through regulation. Scientific trials have documented that Schisandra and Eleuthero may potentially increase endurance and mental performance in patients who have mild fatigue and weakness, as the stress response in the body was being regulated. Also potential due to its capacity as an adaptogen. (1, 3)


Studies have suggested that due to the potent anti-oxidative effects of Schisandra, it helps prevent the oxidation of lipids (fats) in the liver and so may help protect the liver from toxicity or disease. (2, 6, 7, 9)


Research suggests that Schisandra's use as a treatment for Gastrointestinal issues may be warranted, due to its ability to increase the intestinal transit rate and so help alleviate such issues. (10)


    The Schisandra is organically and sustainably grown in China in the optimum conditions for potency. The berries are harvested, selected and cleaned via quality control measures. They are then washed, organically disinfected and sent for processing.


    The berries are sorted further, flash dried below 40°C and crushed into powder. The powder is then ground a second time into finer powder, sifted and bulk packaged ready to send to The Grove HQ.


    The product is then put on a ship and sails to Australia and arrives at The Grove HQ approximately 4 weeks later.


    Once it arrives at The Grove HQ we carry out quality control (QC) checks and repackage it ready for you.


    The Life of Schisandra

    Schisandra senticosus is native to the North and North East of China as well as East Russia. It is a deciduous, woody, vine that likes some shade with moist, well-drained, humus-rich soil. It requires, moderate humidity and light and in temperate climates generally won't die back during the winter. It is thought that they may thrive in similar conditions to grape vines.
    Schisandra produces clusters of little white flowers in the spring followed by edible red berries in the summer.
    Schisandra is imported to make ensure its growing conditions are optimum for product potency.
  • traditional uses

    Chinese Medicine

    Tonifies Qi (vitality)
    Tonifies Jing (essence)
    Tonifies Shen (spirit)
    Essence of all 5 Elements
    All 12 Meridians
    Promotes Beauty
    Premier Adpatogen
    Stimulate the CNS
    Purifies the Liver
    Tonifies the Kidneys
    Rejuvenates the Lungs
    Eliminates Toxins


    Schisandra has been mentioned as far back as 2697 BC, when is was classified as a superior in Chinese Medicinal document "Yellow Emperor's Study in Inner Medicine". Historically consumed by Chinese royalty and by Daoist masters to preserve youth and mind, said to improve memory.
    In the 40's and 50's Russian scientists had studied Schisandra chinensis both pharmacologically and clinically, leading it its initial recognition as an adaptogen in the early 1960s in the USSR with it now being listed in recent editions of the National Pharmacopoeia of the USSR and in the State Register of Drugs.
    In recent years it has been gaining recognition in the western world due to its popularity in Chinese Medicine.
  • Getting in the Kitchen

    Although Schisandra powder has a strong sharp slightly bitter / sweet flavour, it is still delicious added to smoothies and juices, when added to raw food treats and baked goods it give a great tart flavour. We like to add Schisandra to our water with Camu Camu for a fresh citrus flavour, or simple make a schisandra tea.

    Recipes in the Blog

    Simple make a Schisandra & Camu Camu Tea

    Add Schisandra to any Smoothie Recipe

    Add 1tbsp of Schisandra to an Almond Date Cake


    We have packaged your product in cost effective black bags, which protect the products from damaging UV rays which degrade your product. We have also inserted a silica-based desiccant pack to absorb any unwanted moisture and keep your products safer and help them last longer.
    To ensure your product status fresh we recommend storing it in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight, this will also ensure that it is not exposed to additional heat and moisture.


    We recommend care during pregnancy and breast feeding, or if you have; epilepsy, gastric reflux or high brain pressure.
    If you have concerns we recommend consulting your health care practitioner.



The Grove principles and philosophies are very much aligned with those of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Chinese tonic herbalist is proactive in their approach to health, rather than treating disease, they carve a path to promote “radiant health” or “health beyond danger”. There is a similar Benjamin Franklin quote "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Prevention is cure is something we believe too.

Those who take medicine and neglect their diet waste the skill of the physician — Chinese Proverb

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    Clare H.
    Australia Australia

    Schisandra powder

    I feel remarkably energised after drinking the Schisandra. Also, my focus on work in the afternoons has improved. I love the flavour too. Thoroughly recommend this product.

    Jessica R.

    amazing x

    Ive been using this alongside ashwaghanda, reishi and maca and i feel amazing, more calm, focused, happier then i have in a long time, will be buying again!

    Felix W.

    Great company and product

    Quality Schisandra at good price with fast shipping

    Harriet C.

    Great Thx

    So good for energy. So fruity. Great mid afternoon to prep for a workout too! I sub it out for an arvo coffee sometimes. Great. Thx

    Augustus F.

    Thank you, for prompt delivery!

    Impressed on speed delivery. Love this product. Lifts my energy and moods.

    WAYNE C.

    High quality product and an awesome service.

    A refreshing change to other online services with a personalised touch, fast shipping and a great product. I definitely recommend them and will be reordering.


    Great product fast shipper+++++

    TIM P.


    Super fast delivery, great service (hand written note) amazing thx :)